Our General Program introduces basic Buddhist view, meditation, and practices suitable for beginners to more advanced teachings and practices of both Sutra and Tantra for those with greater experience. Regular practice of these teachings is the best method to achieve the results we desire—inner peace, harmonious relationships, improved well-being, positive outlook, and increased wisdom.

Everyone is welcome

Each class offers practical meditation instructions and time to practice it in a supported group setting. Regardless of previous experience or background in spiritual practice, anyone can make use of the Buddhist tools presented in these classes by applying them to their personal situation.

Although it is beneficial to attend the entire series, you may drop in at any time. Classes are held weekly and continue without break.

Find a class in your area...

KMC NM Main Center

• Albuquerque

Sunday (10am)—How to Transform Your Life

Sunday (10am)—Kids Meditation Class

Sunday (10am)—Tweens Meditation Class **ON HOLD**

Tuesday (11am)—Weekly Meditation Class

Wednesday (12pm)—Lunchtime Meditation **ON HOLD**

Thursday (6:30pm)—Weekly Meditation Class

Friday (11:30am)—Prayers for World Peace

Branch Classes

• Rio Rancho

Tuesday (6pm)—Weekly Meditation

• Santa Fe

Tuesday (6pm)—Weekly Meditation

General Program Membership

You do not need to be a member to attend these classes. Everyone is welcome on a pay-per-class basis, however, if you are coming regularly we offer a General Program membership for $35/month for unlimited weekly meditation classes.

$35/month •If you are interested in joining our General Program, please contact Frances Lucero at [email protected]