The Power and Joy of Volunteering

“If we were to give millions of dollars to others they would receive only temporary benefits, but by offering them the opportunity for spiritual development we are providing them with a real method for solving their daily problems and gaining true, everlasting happiness.” -Geshe Kelsang Gyatso-

Come and find out about volunteering in Albuquerque at the Kadampa Buddhist Temple, a non-profit charity working for world peace. It’s fun and incredibly meaningful!

There are many different volunteer opportunities available depending on your ability, schedule, and interest. You are welcome to volunteer as much or as little as you like with no long-term commitment required. Any amount of help would be greatly appreciated.

Since our organization is dedicated to the happiness and welfare of all living beings, the benefits of this program are limitless. You can choose to volunteer in any of the areas described below.

Volunteer Opportunities

World Peace Cafe

•Cooks & Servers
•Special Events Coordinator

Administrative Tasks

•Soliciting Donations
•Helping in the Bookstore/Giftshop
•Fundraising Events

Education Program Tasks

•Assisting Classes and Events
•Creating Publicity
•Distributing Publicity
•Social Media Publicity
•Website content management

Maintenance Tasks

•Construction Work
•Gardening & Facilities
•Exterior Painting
•Weekly and Monthly Housecleaning

Contact Information
If you’re interested in volunteering, contact [email protected].

Student Volunteer Program

Volunteer opportunities are available to students for extra credit in their classes. This is a great chance for students taking classes or majoring in Comparative and Eastern Religions, Cultural and Asian Studies, Philosophy, Alternative Medicine and more! Our volunteer program is open to students of all interests and walks of life.